Low Testosterone or Low T

low-t-testosterone-miamiMen, do you think that hormone replacement therapy is something only for women? Think again. Just like women, men lose hormones as they get older. The most significant male hormone is testosterone. As your hormone levels decrease, you can experience the symptoms of low testosterone. Low testosterone is also known as Low-T.

How do you know if you have Low T?

  • Low T can lead to thinning hair
  • Low T causes weight gain, particularly belly fat
  • Low T can cause fatigue, and lack of energy
  • Low T can make you lose muscle tone
  • Low T can cause depression, anxiety and other mood swings
  • Low T can cause memory loss and other cognitive difficulties
  • Low T can cause sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction and loss of desire

If you are between the ages of 35 and 55, and are feeling any of these symptoms, or just do not feel you are “the man you used to be,” you could have Low-T.


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Most men hit their peak testosterone level at around 17. In your 20s your testosterone level begins a steady decline. By the time you are in your 70s, your testosterone level could be half of what it was when you were at your peak.

Men react differently to this loss of testosterone. But, just about every man over 35 will start to feel the impact of Low T at some point as they grow older. It is only a matter of time.

The only way to know if you do have Low-T and could be a candidate for testosterone optimization through testosterone replacement therapy is to see a qualified doctor, and have your testosterone level checked. Check out also our blog post on: Low Testosterone and Diabetes

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